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Made in New Hampshire
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Prized for their beauty as well as their flavor, our herbal vinegars were first described as a "garden in a bottle" by a delighted customer.

On sunny summer mornings after the dew is off, I pick small bunches of fresh, fragrant herbs and bring them into our kitchen for vinegar-making. I clean them and trim them and carefully arrange them in bottles so they look as beautiful as they taste.

This summer we discovered a really nice, mellow organic cider vinegar made right in Vermont by Dwight Miller Orchards. We're so glad to have it to use in our infusions.

Gardens in a Bottle bring the flavor of summer's fresh herbs to salads all year long. They are also wonderful in marinades and for grilling vegetables, fish or meat, and as a savory seasoning for roasted root vegetables. We have plenty of recipes - check them out!

Our fruit vinegars - Queen of Hearts Raspberry and Teddy Berry Blackberry - sparkle with the taste of our organic berries infused with Miller's cider vinegar. The honey that helps mellow the acidity is from bees who live right here at Cheshire Garden - thanks to our friends Jodi and Dean of Imagine That Honey. The bees help pollinate all of our fruit flowers and then produce some of the best honey in New Hampshire! We're so grateful to Jodi and Dean and their lady friends and we're so glad that they are happy here as well. (We don't use a lot of honey - just enough to mellow the blend.)

We think the flavor is just right and we're happy that chef Cathy Walthers of Martha's Vineyard agrees. In Raising The Salad Bar, she writes "The gold standard for me is a raspberry vinegar made by Cheshire Garden, located in New Hampshire." Salad Bar offers readers the opportunity to think beyond greens in creating main dish salads with lots of flavors and textures.

Tasty, healthy and beautiful!

 Product Name   Price   In stock 
 Blenda d'Italia Vinegar   $9.00  Yes   
 French Tarragon Vinegar   $9.00  Yes   
 Green Garlic Vinegar   $8.00  No   
 Herbes de Provence Vinegar   $9.00  Yes   
 Italia Piccante Vinegar   $8.00  No   
 Lavender Flower Vinegar   $5.00  No   
 Lemon Italia Vinegar   $9.00  Low   
 Queen of Hearts Raspberry Vinegar   $7.00  Yes   
 Teddy Berry Blackberry Vinegar   $7.00  Yes   
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