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Queen of Hearts Raspberry Vinegar


This exquisite blend is the product of years of testing and tasting. We start by picking our organic raspberries at their sun-ripened peak, pureeing them, and infusing them into authentic, organic, apple cider vinegar made at Dwight Miller Orchards in nearby Vermont.

After about a month, we extract an intense raspberry vinegar which we heat gently with honey gathered from bee hives right here in our own gardens - just until the flavors melt together.

The result is a wonderful decoction of rich raspberry flavor that can be used directly on green salads and mesclun blends, grilled chicken salad, salmon salad, and more. It's a wonderful addition to many sauces and it's even delightful with sparkling water.

"Queen of Hearts is the best raspberry vinegar we've ever tasted. You can use it without any oil as a salad dressing or to subtly flavor sauces. Fantastic!" - The Cookbook Review

250ml (8.3 oz.) in our square bottle

Recipes from our Kitchen using Queen of Hearts Raspberry Vinegar: Beets Glazed with Raspberry Vinegar, California Winter Salad, Chicken and Pear Salad with Stilton and Hazelnuts, Dessert Salad with Raspberries, Camembert, and Walnuts, Pureed Peaches with Raspberries and Yogurt, Queen of Hearts Raspberry Chicken Salad, Raspberry Potato Salad


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