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Photos of our Farm - 2009

The opposite of Candlemas is Lammas, August the first, halfway between the summer solstice and autumnal equinox. It was a hot and humid day in early August when Trish and Tom came by to take some photographs - Tom flew overhead in his brother-in-law's plane and took aerials; Trish stood on terra firma and photographed us after a hot day's work. I'm including one of that ancient grinding stone since so many people have asked about it.

In this view from the east (looking west), you can see we really are "carved out of a New Hampshire hillside"

From the east

Here you can see Ralph's message "Hi Tom" written in clapboards between the greenhouse and solar panels. The curved fence behind the house is the trellis for the autumn raspberries.

From the south

This view from the north gives the best look at the raspberries - four long rows of summer raspberries across the top by the tool shed, and the curved beds of autumn berries in the foreground. five long rows of blackberries run perpendicular to the annual beds, alongside the plums and pears.

From the north

Lara, Ralph and I are waving at Tom in this shot. Next to the house are plum trees and plums and pears also grow on the hillside by the driveway. You can see lavender and other herbs in a bed that wraps around the slope below the plums. Below the solar panels is the bed where the old strawberries have been tilled in. Next is a bed of elders in full flower, followed by black and red currants, two double beds of tomatoes and peppers, new strawberries, new blueberries, old blueberries (under netting), orchard of peaches, pears and plums, (blackberries perpendicular to blueberries), garlic in the beds above the tool shed, basils (note the purple basil), and more tomatoes and peppers. The four long rows of summer raspberries are just out of the shot to the right, and the autumn raspberries just in the shot to the left.

From the west

Here's a photo of the stone used by the original inhabitants of this land to grind corn. Ralph uncovered it while building the stonewall.

Grinding stone in wall

Looking like Pomona, goddess of fruits herself, Elisha is flanked by daughters Juniper and Asha (who spent the day comforting Barley after his hair cut). Liza and Lara are next to me and Ralph presides over all.

The gang at Cheshire Garden



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