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Previously in Patti's Garden

December 7, 2018Patti on the farm

Bright blessings on this cold winter day!

Everything is frozen in the gardens, and the strawberry beds and the long rows of garlic are covered with straw to keep them nice and cozy. There's a lot of action at the bird feeders - cardinals, chickadees, titmouses, woodpeckers - and Abbey is vigilant warding off the squirrels. Inside we're keeping warm by putting up preserves and reveling in the aromas of summer.

Tiny Farm Store is up and running for the season, filled with all our preserves, mustards, vinegars, elderberry syrup, pepper preserve, and Tomatoes Rustica; plus our garlic, chilies and tee shirts. We're open weekends from noon to 4, and also by appointment. It's nice and toasty inside and we have samples of just about everything. We have some gift boxes, baskets and containers, and we can also put together gift boxes for mailing.

I'm making pies every Friday - 5-inch PattiPies of raspberry, blueberry and triple berry and large 9-inch pies in Pyrex of raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, and any combination thereof, by special order (Thursday night deadline).

It's been really fun seeing old friends here, and if you're coming from the happy valley or hilltowns, I can steer you to some other great places in Winchester, like Manning Hill Farm - with outstanding pasture raised meats and creamy milk, Sweetwater Farm and Distillery - with craft spirits, and the Outlaw Brewery with artfully crafted beers.

By the way, if you come, Abbey WILL great you with effusive energy! Beware the Golden Retriever! She won't bite, but may try love you to death.

About Mail Order

We're happy to mail to you or send gifts for you. The earlier you order, the better chance you'll have of getting exactly what you want. I'm calculating that December 16 is the cutoff for delivery by Christmas, although we will certainly take orders throughout. We still plan on putting up preserves three days a week while we send out the holiday orders but if we're crunched we may need to ask for substitutions.

December 16 is special in another way. Exactly 30 years ago Ralph literally carried me over the threshold of the house he had built for us. It had taken the better part of two years working solo or with one other guy (between jobs building things for other people) but it was ready just as the deep cold was settling in. Originally just two rooms upstairs and tworooms down, over the years he's built porches on three sides and the professional kitchen on the fourth. He's built a tractor shed, tool shed, woodshed, equipment shed, storage shed, Tiny Bee House and Tiny Farm Store with lots of recycled/reused and spare parts, and he renovated the old cabin and rebuilt and moved the greenhouse so many times I'm not sure if any of it is original anymore.....

I'm trying to get him to slow down and relax a bit, and I think he's beginning am I...

As I reflect on the year in this season of love and gratitude, I am overwhelmed by the love the universe has sent out to me this year. It began sadly as my dear Mum declined in the winter and passed away just after the first of spring. She was a gardener's gardener, Mother Nature personified, and my hero. I planted her seeds as well as my own and grew more zinnias and cucumbers than ever. I dug her peonies, and saved her embroidery, needlework, and braided rugs, and left her ashes (with Dad's) under the dogwood trees here - scions from her own trees. With loving support from Ralph, Elisha and Lara, we grew the gardens and put up the fruit, made pies and pops and weathered the storms. Old friends came out of the clouds and new friends from the sun to give me a rainbow of love that carried me through. I am grateful beyond measure for all of you.

Sending out bushels of love and bright blessings, peace, comfort and joy to all!


Patti (and Ralph!)



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