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Previously in Patti's Garden

Patti on the farmNovember 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

My favorite holiday and that of many farmers, thanks-giving wells up from within us this time of year. We're grateful for every berry, fruit and vegetable we gathered, harvested or pulled out of the earth this year. We know that no matter how hard we work, ultimately the fate of each harvest is out of our hands and we give thanks beyond words or measure.

"All is safely gathered in; 'ere the winter storms begin" always resonated with me, even as a child, and the holiday foods are my favorites. Today I'm headed to my Mum's with a beautiful turkey, organic, pasture-fed and raised with tender-loving care by nearby farmers. We'll have pies from apples friends have grown and Mum's own butternut squash.

I'm so grateful to live in an area where many small farms provide us with food; vegetables that sing with vitality; eggs, milk and meats from animals that are raised humanely, and a community that supports its farmers.

I'll write a longer message soon, but really wanted to convey my deep wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to one and all!!!

In order that we really enjoy the holiday with Mum and our family this year we've withdrawn from the Monadnock Music Christmas Fair this year. I"ll be back on Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Patti (and Ralph!)



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