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Previously in Patti's Garden

Patti on the farmDecember 31, 2006

Happy New Year to all! The first real snow of the season has lain a carpet over the earth and frosted the firs and pines. The unseasonably warm December allowed our late-planted winter rye to germinate and grow into an emerald mat in the garden beds that have only now disappeared. The woody spikes of the herb plants sparkle in the sun - anise hyssop, echinacea and lavender - and even a few remaining sunflowers.

And now we prepare for our long winter nap. We've never taken a vacation, and aren't leaving home now either, but we are going to close the shop so to speak from now until February 5th. I have a tumbling stack of books I want to read and I want to extend my time in the woods with the dogs every day to two hours. Thanks to an outstanding holiday season we're just about out of everything, and by taking January off, I can rebuild our supplies by cooking whenever I choose, and for as long as I choose.

Above all, as I write this, my dear old dad is in the hospital and I need to be able to be with him as much as I can.

My health is much improved and I think that a sleepy January will help me build up strength I'll need in the spring. (My spring plans include new plantings of black and red currants as well as more elderberries!

Janus looks forward and backward at this time of year. I'm always looking forward to the new season, but I'm grateful to have harvested so many berries, fruits and vegetables in the season past. Our freezers are still well-stocked.

Once again, this is the day that we write checks to our favorite animal rescue organizations that represent 20% of our holiday sales. This year, we can send $400.00 each to the Pioneer Valley Humane Society, Monadnock Humane Society, Windham County Humane Society and Kitty Angels. And oh yes, our dogs, Rosie and Barley and kitty Auggie are all doing just great!

Happy, Healthy New Year!


Patti (and Ralph!)



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