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Previously in Patti's Garden

Patti on the farmOctober 31, 2005

Happy Halloween! It's a bright, glorious, golden day and we are especially grateful because so many days lately have been cold, rainy and gray. (We also celebrate Rosie's birthday on Halloween so it's a very happy day here!)

In spite of the cold and rain, though, much of early Autumn was delightful, and the first frost didn't hit us until October 21 - the latest I've ever recorded. Our long beds of zinnias and nasturtiums were dazzling up to then and trees held on to their leaves longer than ever as well.

Harvest of our berries broke records too this year, and abundant rains ensured that the new fruit trees are in strong shape going into winter.

To celebrate our good fortune, we are donating 20% of our sales in November and December to our two local animal shelters - The Pioneer Valley Humane Society and The Monadnock Area Humane Society and also to Kitty Angels - a shelter for cats that's dear to the heart of our web-wizard Steve Lionel.

The people at these organizations do vital work all year long, and the humane societies have now taken on extra care for canine and feline victims of Hurricane Katrina.  They are our heroes, and we want to help them help the animals.

We also encourage you to donate directly, and Steve will add the links to their sites. (Pioneer Valley Humane Society, Monadnock Area Humane Society, Kitty Angels)

Last year we donated 20% of sales from December's mail order and internet business. By including November sales, we can also include our sales at Stonewall Farm's Thanksgiving Farm Faire, and at Monadnock Music's Christmas Fair in Peterborough.

We've also decided to be open here at the farm for the first time ever. On November 12, December 10 and December 11, we'll have an open house (well, really open kitchen) here where folks can have some fun tasting our offerings and choosing their favorites. (We've never been "open" here before....for one thing, Ralph is a reserved fellow who cherishes his privacy, and also because our road was such a bear for so many years all who visited risked losing their exhaust systems.  But, the town paved the road so we might as well take advantage if it.) Call or email if you'd like directions.

Thanks once again to our wonderful friends at the Farmers' Markets in Newton and Greenfield! You warm our hearts again and again and we will miss you!

Bright Blessings!


Hey, it's really warm out there and I've got a bushel of garlic to plant..........!



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