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Patti's Garden (Past Issues) Farmers' Markets and Events - Web Site News

Patti's Garden

April 10, 2019Patti on the farm

Still waiting for signs of spring in Winchester these days. It warms a bit, then snows again, then warms, then snows. The strawberries and garlic are still sleeping hard under their layer of straw, and although there are trays of seeds on warm heat mats in the greenhouse, nothing is showing green yet. (But I have great hope that the seed coats have broken open and the tiny rootlets are burrowing down!)

In the orchard, Ralph and Elisha have been pruning the Damson plums and peaches and pears. The blackberries are pruned and thinned but they need to be tied back to their posts, and Elisha is pruning, thinning, and topping the raspberries today. That will leave only the red and black currants, elderberries, and blueberries - always the last of the pruning tasks. (Those close-to-the-ground cuts are more fun when you're not kneeling in snow...)

The joyous signs of spring have been the return of the birds, and we're thrilled to have at least four pairs of bluebirds visiting the suet throughout the day. Robins, red-winged blackbirds, and Phoebes have returned, and the finches are turning gold. Birdsong fills the air, especially in the morning. Last night we heard the first peeper - one lone singer, and I'm hoping that today he'll be joined by a chorus as the day warms.

We've been busy putting up preserves and mustards, so our stocks of everything are good. The exception is strawberry, but by mid June we'll be picking berries again and we should have some put up by mid July.

We already have a bunch of markets and events lined up! See below for details!

Tiny Farm Store AKA Tiny Pie House

Ok we haven't settled on a name, but the tiny store will be open on weekends WHEN WE'RE NOT ELSEWHERE beginning in mid May. I'll likely be baking pies through mid June when it gets too hot to bake, and baking again in September. We had a fun holiday season, and people have been dropping by looking for goodies ever since. If you'd like to order a pie (PattiPie or full-sized) just send an email. Beware, if you drop in you will be greeted by an exuberant golden retriever named Abbey!

Tee Shirts

We're adding these to our online store because so many folks have asked us to. Comfort Colors tees are heavy weight, very soft, and really well made. The designs are printed locally by Beeze's Tees of Keene. Men's ("unisex") are boxier and run large. They come in "Spruce" with Rita the Gardening Cat on the front, and Merlin the Jazz cat on the back. They also come in "Slate" and "Brick" with Merlin the saxophone cat on the front, and Rita the Gardening Cat on the back. Sizes Small to Extra Large. Women's are smaller, shorter, and hug the body more closely, and have a more scooped collar. Women's colors come in "Berry" and "Deep Blue" and have Rita the Gardening Cat on front, and Merlin the Jazz cat on the back. Sizes small to extra large, and free shipping on the tee shirts!

Hmmm....I think that's all the news that's fit to print. And the sun is breaking through and I think the temps are into the balmy 40's and I really need to get my body moving and into the woods. So I'll find my faithful companion and check out what's happening in the natural world. Abbey has been busy keeping the squirrels away from the bird feeders and Ralph's been building a stone walk into the Tiny Farm Store (as well as fixing everything and keeping everything happening). We're all ready for real spring!

Happy Spring!

Patti (and Ralph!)

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Teddy (In Memoriam)

Patti at Newton Farmers' MarketFarmers' Markets and Events

May 4 & 5 Daffodil Days at Tower Hill Botanic Garden, Boylston, MA, 10-4
The daffodil fields at Tower Hill are truly spectacular and worth the visit! Add in the beauty of the trails and and plantings and the Orangerie and Limonaia for a special visit. And we'll have Preserves, Mustards, Vinegars, Frosty Fruit Pops and PIE!
May 7, and the following Tuesdays through October, Keene Farmers' Market 4-7
We've switched from Saturday markets to the new Tuesday afternoon markets in Keene, and we'll have all your favorites! We're excited about this change, and hope to bring on musicians and food trucks to join the fun. Same site on Gilbo Ave.
May 10, Northfield Mount Hermon School - Food Systems Teach-in and Farmers' Market 11-4
This great event showcasing local agriculture is open to the public and is lots of fun. We're bringing all of our products and our Frosty Fruit Pops.
June 13, and the next 9 Thursdays 6-8 Winchester Music in the Park series
Everything from blues to bluegrass to rock to jazz to classical at this great series held right in the center of town! We'll be bringing PattiPops - solar powered pops- and iced infusions of herbs and flowers.
June 15-16 "Tinkers Garden" at Tower Hill
Celebrating Dads and the connections between plants and technology. This season's art installation features kinetic sculpture capturing wind and light - super cool stuff happening. We'll have all your favorites!
July 20-21 "Botanical Tattoo Weekend" at Tower Hill
This was so much fun, as all kinds of tattooed folks show up and show off their botanical tattoos. Our Frosty Fruit Pops were a huge hit here and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again! We will also bring all our products (except pies since it's too hot to bake in July!)
August 10 "Kinetic Tower Hill" at Tower Hill 10-4
Celebrating the kinetic sculptures and physics and botany.
September 28 "Picklefest" Winchester Center 10-4
Celebrating everything pickle in the ol' home town. This really fun event offers a parade, music, games and contests, free pickles, and lots of good food! We'll have all your favorites!
October 12-14 Harvest Festival Weekend - Tower Hill Botanic Garden 10-4
Our favorite festival for so many years now (16?17?) offers lots of fun events, music and spectacular beauty. We'll have all our products, PattiPops and PIES!

Whew! It's a busy schedule and we'll be adding more I'm sure. Feel free to email to confirm that I'll be somewhere, and follow our Facebook page to see what else we may pick up.

Web Site News

April 11, 2019
Cheshire Garden Tee Shirts are what everyone's wearing in Patti's Garden!


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