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King of Hearts Strawberry Preserve


We've been growing strawberries organically for more than 30 years now and have trialed many varieties, but always come back to "Sparkle" an heirloom variety that makes an especially delicious preserve.

Sparkles are a tiny berry, much more like a wild fruit than many of the enormous cultivated varieties, and the tiny berries burst with flavor.

We cook the berries with a little lemon juice (to keep the color bright) and just enough sugar to create a soft set. Our Strawberry Preserve has whole strawberries and whole chunks of berry in a rich sauce (rather than the homogeneous gel of a jam made with added pectin). Compared to regular jams, it has a darker color and deeper, richer flavor.

Enjoy our Strawberry Preserve with toast and muffins, in a trifle, crepe or pastry, blended into yogurt or hot cereal, with waffles or pancakes, or whatever your heart desires.

As with all our preserves, we use no pectin or thickeners of any kind, and only about half the sugar of conventional jams.

8 oz. net weight in our hexagonal glass jar

(And if that hexagon frustrates you when you're trying to get the last little bit out, try adding some milk and shake it up into an instant milkshake as Ralph does, or try my fat-free technique of adding seltzer water and shaking it up into a refreshing spritzer!)

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