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JazzBerry Raspberry Salsa


JazzBerry Raspberry SalsaThis Jazzed-up Raspberry Salsa, "Pleasantly Zippy", is full of our delicious berries, punctuated by hot Jalapeno chile peppers and rounded out with sweet "Corno di Torno" Italian peppers and onions in a sweet and sour blend of berry vinegar and wildflower honey. We also offer an "All Chili Peppers" version that is made with all Jalapeno and chili peppers; no sweet peppers.

Created as a dipping sauce, it's also wonderful spread on crackers for snacks, on bagels at lunch, or for dinner as a spicy companion to grilled chicken, fish or meat. Fat-free and salt-free, it is a low-calorie alternative to chips-and-dips.

Our favorite use for this JazzBerry Salsa is as a dip, right out of a jar. Now that we've been making it for several years, we've found even more uses:

  • Blend 1/3 jar with 8oz cream cheese for a yummy dip for pretzels or vegetables (mild enough for kids).
  • Jazz up a turkey sandwich or burrito!
  • Use JazzBerry instead of cocktail sauce for dipping shrimp.
  • Sprinkle chicken cutlets with a little flour, then spoon on 1-2 tablespoons JazzBerry per cutlet. Bake at 400° for about 15 minutes to make JazzBerry Chicken.
  • Enjoy with spring rolls or samosas.
  • Mix with Basmati rice or pasta shells and serve over greens for a jazzy rice or pasta salad.
  • Blend 1/3 jar with 8oz hummus for a jazzy berry-tahini dip.
  • Blend with a little mayonnaise to create an outstanding tartar sauce for crab cakes or your favorite seafood.
  • Add to spicy peanut noodles for a sensational spicy peanut butter-berry flavor explosion.

8 oz. round glass jar

Hot Stuff

I appreciate gifts of jams, mustards, and the like, but I rarely get excited about them. That's all changed. When Zach and I tasted JazzBerry Raspberry Salsa last night, we were speechless. It took us both a full minute to absorb the layers of flavor. Let your taste buds fantasize on this combination - ripe raspberries, hot chili peppers, sweet Italian peppers, onions, berry vinegar, and wildflower honey. We finally looked at each other and said WOW. (The sauce is meant to be used on bagels, crackers, or as a salsa or chutney, but we were perfectly content to stand there and eat a few spoonfuls right out of the jar.)

Patricia Powers may appear to be a simple New England organic farmer, but she's got a wild streak in her somewhere to be cooking up treats like this. Everything I've tasted is outstanding - intense vinegars made with freshly grown herbs and fruits, slowly-simmered fresh fruit preserves (made without pectin, wonderful heated as a warm dessert sauce), and the best mustards I've ever had (country garlic and raspberry maple). It's all made by hand, after being lovingly tended on her small certified organic farm. - A Real Life, December 1997

Recipes from our Kitchen using JazzBerry Raspberry Salsa: JazzBerry Raspberry Tart

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